Zumax Medical Co.,Ltd. is a medical instrument company specializing in the design and manufacture of diagnostic products. Zumax equipment are quality perfect, affordable and practical equipment mainly medical oprating microscopes, medical magnification aids and optical diagnostic equipment.

1. OMS 2360-2380
Dental microscope with German multi-coated and anti-reflective lenses and has the highest working distance. It is also ergonomically designed to help the dentist work in his/her most suitable position.

For more information, please refer to the catalogs below:

OMS2380-2360 Catalog (PDF)

OMS2380 R2 Catalog (PDF)

2. OMS3200
Dental microscope that has, in addition to the known features of Zumax microscpe, a multifunctioanl handle and free-move electromagnetic system, which enhance the usability and ergonomics of the device.

For more information, please refer to the catalogs below:

OMS3200 Catalog (PDF)

OMS3200 Pro Catalog (PDF)

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