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As a subsidiary of aviation Industry Group of China, XTCERA is a professional company specializing in manufacturing and marketing dental zirconia, wax and CAD/CAM systems based on 17-years zirconia R&D experiences. In recent years, XTCERA has continuously introduced advanced manufacturing technology and procedure from home and abroad to provide full-automatic manufacturing solutions in denture industry. XTCERA's main products are CAD/CAM milling machine, zirconia blocks for denture processing, wax, coloring liquid and other consumables.

Zirconia Blanks
Wide variety of applications, such as: crowns, bridges - anterior and posterior region, personalized abutments on titanium base, conical and telescope crowns as well as multi-unit restorations on titanium base.

For more information, please refer to the catalog below:

Zirconia Blanks Catalog (PDF)