Porter Instrument is the global leader in dental and medical instrumentation since 1968. Porter Instrument products are trusted for the regulation and measurement of anesthetic gases in operating rooms and dental/medical offices worldwide. Porter Instrument has a long-standing reputation as an innovator in the gas controller industry, providing the finest nitrous oxide sedation units for dental and medical uses. These units are unique, and designed to meet the standards of Best Management Practices.

1. Matrx MDM
Matrx by Parker systems provide the safety, ease of use and reliability required to administer nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation, and help to create a stress-free environment which benefits both the patient and the practitioner.

For more information, please refer to the catalog below:

Inhalation Sedation Delivery Systems Catalog (PDF)

2. Nitronox
When safety, precision and ease of use are critical, Porter nitrous oxide and oxygen systems are the number one choice of healthcare professionals around the world.

For more information, please refer to the catalog below:

Nitrous Oxide And Oxygen Analgesia System Catalog (PDF)

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