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Maxx Digm, Inc. is a subsidiary of Robots and Design Co., Ltd. (RND) in Korea that is manufacturer of advanced dental milling machine and expert in robotics (Robots & Design Inc., founded in 1999, is one of today's leading robotics developers and manufacturers and began developing dental CAD/CAM in 2008.) With its strong RND technical base, Maxx Digm distributes full digital milling system to customers with the highest degree of precision, accuracy and best quality technical support and customer service to help them increase productivity and save time.

5-axis dental chairside milling machine designed for wet machining of a variety of materials, specially designed for dental clinics due to the small footprint, fast & accurate milling times, and ability to operate without compressed air. Able to mill pin-type blocks, glass ceramics, hybrid resin, zirconia, and PMMA

Chairman Unique Point (PDF)

DS200 - 5Z is a 5-axis dry desktop milling machine and specialized for soft materials. It's Small and compact, but fast and accurate milling and optimized to delicately mill with thin margin. Its possible to have remote services and training and operate the machine through MAXX LINK.

DS200-5Z Brochure (PDF)