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In 1998, Dr. Jean Bausch GMBH & Co founded his company Bausch Articulating Papers. In post-World War II Germany, the Bausch family succeeded in developing a unique articulating paper that marked intensively on moist surfaces. Subsequently micro-thin articulating papers, ultra-thin articulating-films, Arti-Spot, a liquid high spot indicator were developed in the 60's, 70's, 80's at Bausch. Bausch's legacy lives on as they are recognized worldwide as a leader in providing the highest quality and most accurate articulatory and occlusal testing products. Looking to the future, they continue to research and develop the products.

This device shows a clear visual of masticatory pressure distribution digitally. In addition, the contact points are marked on the patient's teeth and help to quickly determine the occlusal status, localization of hyperbalance and premature contacts, and thus early detection of dysfunctions in static and dynamic occlusion.

Occlusense Catalogue (PDF)

Occlusense Guide (PDF)